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Printing New Collection Slav'1807

We are proud to announce the launch of the new collection by Slav'1807. Using high-quality plastisol ink, we've meticulously printed each item to highest quality.

Printing streetwear for SBA

Skateboard Academy from Antwerp asked Digitweaks to build a website with a webshop.

Printing samples for upcomig Knights of 88 collection

International music group Knights of 88 received the samples of their upcoming collection related to their albums serie "Black Kid Miracles".

Printing shirts for Benjamin Moore

KatRus Reformas, official dealer of Benjamin Moore in Barcelona, asked us to print clothes for different events.

Printing Shirts for Juventus Academy Barcelona

Contacted first through Digitweaks to cover the Juventus Academy Barcelona camp and produce a video, we were asked to print shirts for the coaches and organizers.

Opening of our studio in Barcelona

Located between Vallcarca and Carmel on the traject of the bus line 22, the studio is also the headquarter of Digitweaks and Unlabelled.

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